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iF you have been coming to EroCity: Divine Right blog, or have just happen to pass thru and thought the ideals about sexual identity and sexual intelligence, however crude or mistyped the presentation has been then Guess what is coming your way soon? The soon to be hottest And unique adult destination, We have parked a domain and have been working on bringing together comprehensive and exclusive selection of mature audience media, products and services. From the site you will be able to get your handheld podcast and mobile content, galleries upon galleries of enjoyable images, video on demand and streaming content, live cams and chat rooms, personal and online dating networks, and a host of adult stores, all the goodies of adult web browsing including forums and blogs all in one place, so you can decide who has the best pricing the best images the best of what you like amongst those who like who and what you like. The adult Web is not the vicious beast or destoyer of morality not being able to find and enjoy a healthy outlet for desires is the seat of destructive behaoirs. Would anyone image what the world might be like if during the sexual craze of the seventies and late sixties persons like Hugh Hefner would not have pioneered healthier more sophisticated and well thought out presentaions and paths of behavoir, If persons like Madonna would not have found a way to be classy with her lust and desires, if we do not find ways to elevate our sexual desires through learning and planning how to make a taboo correct, then we leave room for more incredible and unseen beastly behavoirs, that do their deeds unnoticed. What if Dr. Kinsey would have never sought to answer the scientific questions regarding What is Normal Sexuality? How many more women would be having basement abortions, how many more unsloved rape and murders would have their story on the highways and roadsides of America, how many battered wives and children would go abused without anyone taking any notice. People would still live in their condomless world of unprotected sex HIV and syphillis would run wild and all the while people wolud go to and fro in the well cut suits pretending to be civilized while behind closed doors they dress up in latex and make-up with cam corders slicing young boys and girls to death. Events seem worse because people are being made aware of who and what is really out there...nad the more persons know who and what is out there the more Good people find ways of doing there once only alternative to be bad into ways of being good. They find out other alterantives to the dark alleys and the victumization of those who would have never participated in their what could have been pleasurable and acceptable decadence, instead of horrible destructive behavoirs. Prohibition made alchol consumption worse, the illegaliaztion of drugs has made the American Population only increase in addiction, and if you notice teenagers of this era are the lease likely to engage in risky sexual behavoirs, teen pregnacy has decreased, yet we still have a long way to go BECAUSE THERE IS STILL FAR TO MUCH REPRESSION, FAR TO MANY HIDING AND FAR TO MCUH LYING GOING ON AND ABOUT. I Know someone who was rapped by their own uncle, for not because he was under the influence of porngrphy but because sexuality amongst her sector is a big hush hush. Her parents even said their sorry but don't tell anyone just get over it, Wow! All for the sake of appearance. Now the appearance was caused by puritanical views, that say sex is dirty. The urge to rape is there, and was there in that person whether sexual images were being brodacast or not. If we do not start finiding healthy outlets soon, than you can best believe the world is going to left to the criminals, the closet cases and the repressed, and their is no purity except pure evil and self-destruction amongst that group...So Let's get to the business of building healthy sex lives and educating one another on proper indulgences, according to your community..That is whay besides all those goodies that the new site wil have to reach your right audience, more importantly the sight will ave sexaul education section and tools plus resources to get to the healthy outlet of some of human kinds more seemingly abase desires. We intend to set the Adult world A-BLAZE. May you find your sexual community and may that community practices become elevated and healthy, where you can become right within yourself and amongst others.


Erotopathika: Ariana Jollee-65 guy cream pie 2

Ariana Jollee-65 guy cream pie 2