Turning Out Of Arianna Chronicles: Yes, Girl-Part II

Ever Since, I first met Samantha within the busars office, I have avoided becoming a participant of her libertinisms, Even though I privately desired to have her lack for restraint. Now, Events appear I may find myself an unknowing and even more so reluctant participant-soon to be place in restraints. I wasn't sure if we had done more than just broke some local library censorship code with the excessive imagery being displayed on Sammy Jo's monitor. For the third time the security officier made his statement, and then I felt a tugg on my arm, it was Miss Sammy Jo a.k.a. Samantha, "Snap Out of It Ari, The Man Means business", She giggled still flirting with the guard, "And We Only want to make His Job Real Easy", Sammy Jo continued-this time with a hint of frustration within her voiced aimed at me. My apparent shock and slow mobility was hindering what ever little torrid plot she was attemping to unfold. "Ladies We will discuss this in the security office, right Now I am requesting you come along", The officier stated, trying to stay professional admidst the barely legal fantasy Sammy Jo, had been wittingly proposing. "Okay, Okay", I Let out,"And Let Go of Me, Sammy Jo-I can Walk on my own", I directed to my lascivious conspirator of a friend and I was still horny,Yes. We walked for what seemed to be forever and everyone appeared to be watching. Two teen girls and a middle aged man, walking in a public setting is nothing strange, yet Sammy jo appeared alittle close to our escort and was towing me effortlessly. We got to a hallway off, the main floor that led to a room marked by a small plancard saying Security office, the frosted glass door was opened by our guard. However was he guarding us? Or Did he need Guarding himself? Once the door open, I saw seated along a pew bench protruding from the wall consuming the majority of the floor, were those same greenish teenagers. However the look on their faces was worry, a big change from the grins and immature lusty finger pointing and head knodding their testosterone filled balls had evoked earlier, yet the sight of Sammy Jo had brought some color back to their faces. There was another office door immediately to the right yet one had to walk a few steps, yet seemingly long steps to reach that entrance. And this walk, would seem even longer with the boyish grins plus probing eyes pressing up against my flesh. As I look back on this life changing event, the green carpet lining our gauntlet, now seems to have been hinting at a full-on go of things to come. With each step, I went through a menagerie of emotions. From feeling like a criminal, to some sort of pervert, and a beauty queen, my skin tingled at first very repulsively uncomfortable then most oddly lusciously self-confident with each violating stare, from the bull-pin. Sammy Jo, I noticed had made assured eye contact with each and every little pimpled face geek on the bench and even dropped her back pack. She slowly and tantalizingly squatted to pick up the sack. Making every attempt to let all the polka dots be counted. Seductive well manicured hand slid down her thighs, as she centered herself above the jansport bag. Who would survive this journey the bag or myself-taking a poke at jansport brand marketing scheme. Obviously none of the boys on the bench would be able to survive Miss Congeniality, if allowed to get her hands around their ever increasing young throbs, one could observe swelling in their jeans. In a gesture of prematurely one of the cute ones, gave a little cough and a wicked grin-setting off a chain reaction amongst the monkey pack. I know, I had been blushing I could feel the blood in my cheeks and I swore I over heard one of the pack whipser to the other "I wonder if the lonely girls tight ass gets as pink as her face, when you hit it from the back". I wasn't bother as much by the sexual comment as much as being referred to as lonely girl. I wasn't lonely just shy, I tell you, I am just Shy. And obviously my companion was and is not, plus her behavior had finally gotten to our escort as he grunted,"Alright young Lady shows over, Get the bag and let's go In my Office", He finished showing us into the door. Sammy Jo found it all entertaining and since she was the star she made her farewells Hollywood like,"Alright Boys, You Heard The Man-Shows over, I'll see each and every single one of you Later", all Marilyn Monroe and Silver Screenish, Blowing a kiss to her perverted and aroused fans. We Walked into the door ushered in, By our library security and a howl of "AWES" from the eager teens out side. The guards office showed signs that he did not work within alone, only there were four other desk yet no one was here, except Sammy Jo, Himself, and Me-besides the hormones creeping within beneath the door-from outside. One of the four desk was occupied by a female Officer as I could tell from her name plank, I made out as we were seated. I was hoping she would come back soon, This guy as professional as he appeared on the way-a lot of that public safety aura seemed to shed as the door closed. My mind could tell he was soon to began playing right into the Lusty hands of Sammy Jo, Then the spirited life changing event all Began. "Alright Girls you may wonder why you were pulled from the floor." He started and immediately I notice we went from Ladies to girls, MME. " We have a policy here, that does not allow the computers to be utilized for any pornographic usage". He Contiued,"And you do understand that the site you were viewing is definitely considered pornography." Of Course Sammy Jo laughed, yet I was getting more and more uncomfortable. From what, I couldn't tell there was too much stimulation and even repulse going on. "This may be serious girls, if you are under the age of eighteen." And then he commanded not requested, "Let Me see your I.D., if you have those on you". I for a moment felt relieved I had that mugg shot on my person, I went in my bag and casually passed it over. Sammy Jo had to make another go of this, and she propped her heels up on the edge of the desk, and then place her middle digit on her exposed cotton panty crouch stating with tongs in cheek, literally..."Let's See, I think I left my I.D. somewhere, somewhere like Here". She reached into her panties with the finger she had wetted and meaningless twiddled her twat-with her knuckles buckling and signing pleasurable probing beneath the cotton-black-on-white dot-to-dot. I turned my head at first in complete shock, yet she seemed to be there for a long time and I wanted within some part of me to enjoy the show as well as the guard who made no protest. By Time I looked back, I notice she really was producing her I.D. from her crouch. Wet And glistening, I am not sure where she had it stored or for how long, I leave that all to imagination. "Ahh, Here We Go, And Here It Is-I hope it Is Valid." she fizzled, tossing the I.D. Soaking across to the buzzing catcher, as she slithered right back into her masturbation session undaunted. I should have known something perverse of the most darkside kind was unfolding, and I don't think at the time or even now I had any real reluctance. "Let Me See" the security vulgarly replied, sniffing her vulvous waft from the card and as if he could taste how old she was he responded without a glance,"Yeah, That Will Do definitely over 18, from My experience" he then stated off her birthday from memory seemingly "December 20, 1987, Barely Legal!" and then he turned his deviant stare my way,"Your a very Young one Just turned 18 two months ago." Now he had seen my I.D., yet how did he know her birthday without looking? What was going on? More Importantly what was about to happen? Sammy Jo had made way off with her polka dotted cotton security and was on her way to swelling her clit to orgasm. I myself, though very wet, was wishing in a small part of myself, that one of the officers would return. Hoping that they would save me from a no return to my quiet adulterate yet safe fantasy world and on to the all out animalistic hedon that appeared emanant-That is when the Door open I turned and it appeared My Prayers had been answered...There was Officer Bobbie Coxx, as the feminine spelling had clued, the female Officer had returned, "What do we have Hear, more Internet Perverts," She began and then she smiled "what should we do with all of them?", Then I noticed coming in with her were all the boys, cocks swollen and lubed, they must have past the I.D. Test as well...(to be continued)


Blogger Jenny said...

As much as I´d would like to take credit för my lates bloog I just can´t. It´s not my work, it´s a song by a group named Cascada.

Yes I´m Swedish.

My englisch i terrible so I´m just gonna stop right about now before I make i bigger fool of myself... :)

11:41 AM  
Blogger rubyprincess said...

jenny - you should never be embarassed by your English! I so admire you for learning another language and your English is actually quite good!


I am visiting your blog for the first time and find it to be a great read. Kisses...rubyprincess

1:08 PM  
Blogger G.A.M.E. said...

To: Jenny

America is Country unlike the U.K. in one very very important way-since about 1976...The country and its intellectual literate community have had what is call 'Word Wars' In the Right Corner You have the once reigning champion "The Conservatives', who believe language is absolute and does not change thus there is only one way to say so & so in English, Then On the Left alittle lighter in weight yet kicking much @#$(ass) is 'The Liberals', who believes language is organic and grows as does all organisims over-time: adapting & changing to meet the demands of the time-We have broken and strict well spoken English Here and You can and You will find someone who understands you so just type away, and stay overly self-confident you will be understood!
Stay lovely, pretty eyes.

To: rubyprincess

Your Right I wrote, Turning Out of Ariana Chronicles for male 18+ demographics, that average porno style that is usually over shadowed, by some females gorgeous(msp?) love channel with a way to small cock or phallic symbol near by. However I will be writing some more detailed(women love details)erotic later, for now just by chance I do have a joke or two from Arcamax that will satisfy the Women who follow my Blogg and the chronicle jsut check the archives if you don't see one posted. And I loved your blogg the first time I went to view your Web Page as Well..Stay Free, Stay Safe and Enjoy your Hell, Cause Trust- Ones Hell Is Anothers Paradise In Heaven

PS Everyone rubyprincess is one voluptuary That anyone who is anyone ought visit, and She is so Lavishly Arousing and Epicurious

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