Erocity: Ladies Let Me Know

Ladies Let Me Know

Ladies I Recieved and email from a very persuasive sales pitch and the email read as such:

Imagine if you could pick up women in ANY situation, and knew exactly what to say and do to get them in bed every time. If you even read only ONE chapter of my book before you go out TONIGHT... you'll come home with a hot woman on your arm! I will teach you how to pick up women ANYWHERE : in the bar, club, mall, gym, store, park, online... my flawless techniques work anywhere, anytime and EVERY time!

Now, One Can order this manuscript from check this out

What I want to know from the Ladies is with a Web Page name like Players Black Book and an exstention of .info
ought I lable that email Spam or give the Players Black Book A chance to instill Flawless Game IN ME, Huh?

Hopefully if The Vote is yes We Won't Find You listed in The Players Black Book, Do You Think The information will work for same sex pick-ups-that is if the 'knowledge' works for the propsed anywhere anytime
Cast Your Vote!


Blogger rubyprincess said...

i would say "yes" to all...


1:06 PM  

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