Valentine Day: Get Caught From Behind!

Get Caught From Behind..Literally!!

I was browsing through my store yesterday, and the phone rang! "I am working!", so I did not want to answer. However the ringtone conditioning set-in and my "Ivan Pavlov" reflexes picked up the lovely communication device. And Now, I am glad I did. On the other end was some telemarketer selling a Vivid Girls Video Package. Now before you ney-sayers start cooning into myself, with your comments like 'what a maroon-getting excited about pornstars and porn studios'-the excitement was cause the operator attempted to sell me the video package claiming to be a Vivid Girl! I say claiming cause she enunciated her Vivid Girl name as (gi'-nah), and spelled the name Jenna. Now, I consider myself no novice in the male, tranny, female, midget, chubby, asian, whatever & whoever is what or who it/they is/are etc...within The Adult Biz. So, I get curious (what a selling technique) and begin to question Jenna. She answers, my questions and kept going on about her ass demensions...How she was Latino...and a whole list of sexual attributes, yet I couldn't get this all clear within my mind cause only one Vivid Girl-with the spelling of the name (gi'-nah) or Jenna came to my mind & that is none other than Jenna Jameson! However, girls in the adult bix and their names are like populations in a small city...There is always more than one! So..I told her to call me back, cause I can always use more videos to review and a Vivid Release Package sound lovely even if I got it from the third, fourth or even the first string chick! And that was when, I came across this little item using the pornstar search in my store, using the word genie:

Warning You are Entering XXX Adult Store...Have Fun!!! 18 years or Older Only!

I really hope that you decide to get caught from behind this Valentine Day. I know I will be catching someone(s) from behind-especially with this video that-I ordered from my store cause I just really like the 80's Look, that Hollywood Video put together in this 2005 release. Even got the stocking and heels & pumps fetish all up in there! So whether you catch the stars like:

Who all Get Caught From Behind literally in 21 cum wet hot shot sex scenes in real live exotic locations on 5 DVDS, mostly all from behind.


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