Any One Know Mrs.Kishimoto

Any One Know Mrs.Kishimoto

Sometimes Here At EroCity®, We remove ourselves from the topic of utmost importance pleasure to contend with asking for some personal assistance. We never know what to expect and truthfully enjoy all input regardless of the nature. Today, We are on a brief search for a "Red October ", Within miLife! The hunt is for a first Grade teacher of mine. Yes, I am huanted by the ongoings of past "teachers", and one in particular Mrs. Kishimoto is of particular interest! The Below Block qoute is of a letter in a school district I found on the web that may have Our Suspected Mrs. Kishimoto:

30th & Raymond
LaGrange Park, Illinois 60526
708-354-3146 Fax
Dr. Claudia Newman
Board Notes
February 2004
• So far this winter we have not had any days of
increased absences due to illness. Donna Schmidt,
District Nurse, obtained sample wall mounted hand
sanitizer (Purell) units, which were placed in the
computer lab, Mrs. Mach’s kindergarten, and the
teacher’s workroom. These are being considered for
placement in classrooms for supplemental hand
cleansing. With the trend of increased cases of
serious influenza cases in children, SARS, and the
West Nile Virus attention to sanitation is becoming
more and more important. In addition, children are
given paper to put on their desk before every lunch to
help keep their food safe. Healthy students don’t
miss school and increase their time to learn.
Instruction / Curriculum
• Michael Heggerty was in the building on February 3
work with our teachers on phonemic awareness and
writing skills for the ISAT test. K-2 teachers were
given an overview of how a successful writing program
combined with phonemic awareness can support writing
instruction and ISAT testing skills. He created
benchmarks for each grade, discussed writing
strategies for beginning readers, showed teachers how
to modify writing for students with special needs, and
finally, discussed how to evaluate K-2 writing. Since
the inception of phonemic awareness program the
teachers have observed that the childrens’ writing has
greatly improved. Teachers in grades 3-4 concentrated
Page 2
on what research and best practices say about word
identification skills, sight vocabulary, phonics, and
vocabulary. This program was coordinated by the
Reading Improvement team and funded by Title One.
• The Roberts Marionettes Assembly was held on January
. This literature-based multicultural production
of “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” delighted our
students and staff. During the performance the solo
artist operated all of the marionettes and created
unique voices for the entire cast of characters. The
lifelike marionettes are hand-carved from wood to 1/3
human scale. When the show was over the solo artist
stepped out to answer questions from the students.
The Brook Park BPC paid for this assembly.
Communication / Climate / Community
• The BPC Fun Fair was held on Saturday, February 7
The families of Brook Park enjoyed many games and
activities. One of the highlights of the day is the
Teacher Raffle, which is coordinated by Mrs.
Kishimoto. The students bought raffle tickets and
took chances on the prizes. At the end of the Fun
Fair the winners are drawn and prizes awarded. Prizes
donated by the teachers included games, gift
certificates, stuffed animals, sweatshirts, b
I am quiet sure she will remember me, however, I can only be Sure if this is the Mrs. Kishimoto who once taught in District 89 of Proviso Townships Elementary Schools, at Van Buren? Help Us Find Mrs. Kishimoto and You will Recieve a Discount on Pleasure Purchases at EroCity® Universe and A Gift Certificate of $100 Usable at EroCity® Universe or Any other Sex Superstore! Join the Hunt and Win! Leave Your Clues and/or Knowledge in Our comments section Anonymous Comments Our Welcome! Have Fun If Nothing Else!


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