50 Cent 'Curtis Jackson' Ad Glamorised Gun Crime

If You Think That Is Glamorist Try This....

If The U.S. peoples and government didn't have enough of tired and yawning complaints, regarding Mr. Curtis Jackson "50 Cent" and His self proclaimed journey 'To Get Rich Or Die Tryin'-That Now BBC NEWS reports: The UK Advertising Standards Authority has joined the growing community who seems to percieve "Fifty's" path to Get Rich or Die Tryin' as glamorising gun crimes, too. Well all the controversey appears to stem from a billboard Mr. Jackson And His Promotion Staff are using to convey,
"the choice he had to make between the child and the violence represented by the gun." -from the advertisers via BBC NEWS

For More Details click one of the BBC NEWS Links or go Google on my Links...For Now Let me Give You miTake:
Mr. Curtis Jackson is an entreperneur, with a highly discipline infamous methodology, In other Words He pursues to exploit a niche market as a street merchant: ie, guns, drugs, bootleg albums, clothes, you name it he'll claim it and sell it, okay! However He has an eye for Detail and is most likely enjoying all this wonderful free press. The moral question, will be survived by the faith and though radical Christian views Curtis Jakson a.ka. 50 cent presents. Yet we might want to be glad that he chose to give the children the option of avoiding, gun violence for the sake of the children. This a message that Prime Minister Blair and President Bush-the US, THe Uk and all of us might want to learn cause the reality is the gun is a prop and if all our guns and deliciously heinous crimes were only lyrics and movies or left totally to the world of imagination and fantasy plus kept out of the world of reality, what a world we would live within...For there are others who have real allegations to answer to such as: Alberto Fujimori to learn more...Cause If You Think That Is "GLAMORISING" you really need to see what Mr. Jackson could be focusing with greater intention in Distributing like:

The above is mild in comparison to the movie banner:

and of course the front:

However One Does not want to gather their moral advice from an amoral individual such as myself. It is best you see your higher power, cause I would like to make it clear I am in no way saying Fifty has been reponsible. I believe he has been distasteful and if you ever read my blogger than you know the distasteful has much credibility here, when done with tedious attention to being detailed in directing others toward the alterantive choices. Fifty met miStandard and ask us to elevate our perception or just stay @#$% where your at(dangling on that preposition). Hopefully we may do this with all our taboos, and this is elevate the infamy from where the trash lies, it is recycling at a higher plane.

Fifty images were courtesey of these web pages:


Blogger rubyprincess said...

hmmm...i'm not sure wht my opinions are about this movie campaign, but i do know that i enjoed this part of this post best:

"ask us to elevate our perception or just stay @#$% where your at (dangling on that preposition). Hopefully we may do this with all our taboos, and this is elevate the infamy from where the trash lies, it is recycling at a higher plane."



1:04 PM  
Blogger G.A.M.E. said...

Thank You, rubyprincess!

Clever- A word Most, males living in the United States understand, seeing to compensate for lack of intelligence (and by no means Am I saying men are stupid, maybe I am..ha, Myself included) Seeing I found a surprising satistic:
23% of American men took a female companion to Taco Bell for Their First Date! I Guess The Movie Demolition Man, had some validity in fantasizing, that Taco Bell would be the gourmet restaruant of the future and the only one to survive the fast food wars...Think 'Fifty' may try to cash in on the purple bell Go, Taco Bell
and Again thanks rubyprincess..I'll be back at your Blogg asap

10:00 PM  

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