Snoop Dogg: Wants To Know Do You like His Doggystyle

Snoop Dogg: Wants To Know Do You like His Doggystyle

It has been a while since I posted anything hot!! while browsing through EroCity® Universe Super Sex Store On-line, I found No one other than the master maestro pimp-a-docious Himself Snoop Doggy Dogg Of the Dawg Pound My N@GG@ fo' shizzle! Offering this Naughty ault title with macalicious pride that only the Snoop Could pull off

Looks Like A Hustler® Dawg Pound collaberation to bring you the abberations the sweet thick baby got back fo' dat' asS! for real from the streets to DVD!!! And if You checkAll this rompage out, It seems Snoop is not alone in the jizz-biz! You Got Lil Jon a regular at the AVN Expos! Yeahhin' Ya! to Get Crunk to this Title

Now the Snoop Went Hustler®, However The payout maybe?, I do Not Know!...But One Thing I do KNOW- even though a staple in the World of everything Pornoriffic, When it comes to bangin' hot chicks and mancho hunks for flesh pounding cock-rations No one Studio turns out The TurnOut Like VIVID Studios. Though they Missed out on the looks with LIL' Jon the Ladies are status-quo! I think LiL' John Got the better deal, Here! However You May disagree! Buy the vids' and tell me!

Now there are many others Like the Infamous 50 Cent & LLyod Banks Groupie Love title where they get some real tight bodies of interantional potentional to steam and cram the set REAL HOT..ONLY ONE THING LEFT TO SAY ABOUT THAT IS .."G-G-G-G-UNIT!"

Mystikal a Rapper, i.e. Hip-Hop Performer You may Remember from the Tom Cruise & Nicole Hit BlockBuster Movie,"Eyes Wide Shut" Soundtrack. Wel Regardless that is about the last time We all heard from him cause He got all caught up in a Sodomy Charge in one of those States Where Giving the rear plug action even if wanted just ain't legal! But appears he has a the second largest amount of releases and a wonderful volume called Liquid City! Mystikal Keeps it real with only the largest cocks the smallest twinks and the ghetto-est BOOTY! It is All BLack! Black Out!- how big some of the manhood siz is... in these Liquid City films!
Now all in all, these films rate in my category of fucktasia where we give E for EroCity® about on averae EEE and a half E's Not because the chicks or the flick it is just the nature of Black Porno Movie Titles! It is like the producers and the consumers got together and made an agreement that if It is going to be a Blck title Let's film it gritty...Now I don't think it is a racial discre(however youspell that hate shit!) I Just think It is a style! the Consumers Like It and I bet someone can't wait to play one of these DVDS OR VHS TITLES AT EroCity® Universe Right Now!

While your at it for when your gonna get at It! Let the world know Your dealing with a Hustler® in these right here also available at EroCity® Universe:


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