From Domestic Discipline Diary: Calling All Spankos

From Domestic Discipline Diary: Calling All Spankos

I adore the world of Romp! The scores of human affairs when the little people of the world limbs and members grow in size and stature, thus finally enabling those precious wonders to do as they so often did fancy or please at that much earlier height and recognition impairment We call childhood. When We dare to "Grow-up" and begin to dare to be who we believed ourselves capable of becoming, who we dared to dream, despite the onslaught of the "adult frustration", When the age of buying liquor and cigarettes -the voting principle begins and finally we are allowed to enter the talents we already had been given into "higher education", There Comes A Need to investigate a particular area of interest that maybe the true defining line of ones pursuit to happiness! A seemingly forbidden ground of territory in our daily goings on, that is ones pain threshold and who and how or even why (if you dare!) One likes/prefers to receive or give pain. Great minds like Epicurious, Freud, George Bush?, all have made glimpses into the arena of pain! Yet not until that inner child and yourself now all Stretched-Out Explores for yourself, Where? When? From Who(m)?, Toward Who(m)?, or even with and What? Till you run down the stipulations regarding your pleasure for pain...You may continue to find yourself in Fights with that lover, and no reason why it occurred...At the local battered shelter socked in the eye again, yet why is it you over and over again...Behind bars for another domestic fall-out...Their are healthy paths for these passive/aggressive events to be expressed and yet indulged. However a person ought become aware of where they stand along the issue seek others who are compatible and lower the stress, due to the repression and misuse of ones talents and urges. So here is a very humorous tit bit I found on Domestic Discipline Diary:

Sunday, January 22, 2006
Calling all Spankos!
I received this in an email, and invite all who would like to reply. It seems this gentleman is doing a bit of research for Bizarre magazine, and he would like our input. If you would like to answer his questions, I have listed them below. Copy and paste them into your email message, his address is listed at the bottom. Thanks for your help.

1) Do you prefer to spank or to be spanked?

2) What is the one most important piece of advice that you could give someone about good spanking?

3) What are your top three 'dos'?

4) And your top three 'don'ts'

5) Do you have a favourite position for spanking someone or being spanked by someone (standing, sitting, bent over something et cetera)? Some people have told me that they like to be in a position bent over something so that they can't clench their buttocks and can only be spanked on wobbly buttocks.

6) Physically speaking, do you prefer to be spanked firmly or gently?

7) Do you prefer a spanking to be from an open hand or implement? If you prefer an implement, what is that implement and which of its characteristics make you love it so?

8) Do you prefer a long period of anticipation or is it purely the spanking itself that you like?

9) Is there any other element that you like? For example, humiliation, being disciplined, submissiveness, anything else you would like to mention.

10) Can you tell me about your first time?

11) Do you need to feel safe? By that I mean, do you need a safe word or some assurance that you aren't going to be harmed in any way? Or is that loss of control something that you quite like?

12) Do you have a favourite spanking moment from film or television? if so, what is it?

14) Can you tell me about your best and worst spanking experiences?
Please feel free to go into as much detail as you like.

15) How did you get into this?

Also, I would be grateful if you could add this to any website or message board that you think would be appropriate so that I can get contributions from as many people as possible. I can take replies to james_doorne@dennis.co.uk

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