Reason Number One For The War On Terror

Erocity: Divine Right

Here Is A Thread I Started On A Forum:
Cause I could, And So I did, Wasn't Expecting Much Enlightenment, And As Is...Got Just That...I am By No Means
In Agreement With The BloodShed of Humans For The Right to Exsist Beyond Our Attributes, However As The Planet Begins To Become As Is Always Been Small Dominated By Human Cleverness Than We Will Be Ever More Confronted
With Realizing The One Truth-That We Breed Amongst Each Other Unlike A Horse To A Pony-We Do Not Make Sterile Jack-Asses However Another Human Capable of Reproducing Yet Another Human, And Another...Yet without the distinctions Where is The Fun?

tamish(one of my psuedonoms)
the reality of life is we are all made up of the same 19 elements, we appear dissimilar becuase of the miraculous universal potential within these basic building blocks of godhead intelligence. and what we accept or deny doing with these gifts is our unique service to godhead and creation. all human kind is faliable, none more or less so than others and as a group or an individual, none more or less above corruption. The issue of inter-marriage, inter-religion serves only the purpose of a certain persons indentity and or culture, thus taboo for those who would harm the identity of the group or person and honor for vice versa. However in this widespread age men and women are beginning to live ritual instead of performing ritual and thus the substance of a man or woman are all we love. here in America to many people have died that we may live, learn, and love as a diverse free though seperate yet equal union-You abide now in the U.S. then great the rest of the world is learning how to keep up! and this is the age for people to end their ignorance or die and be judge guilty within it.


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