Cartoon Legitimacy

Cartoon Legitimacy

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Legitimate cartoon and caricature: Anyone who is not the Divine Representaion of a Persons Or peoples faith in God and righteouesness...Illigitmate Cartoon & Caricature the Prophets and saints of another mans faith, However We Live within a Global Time and People adore revere and worship many forms and persons...For some Art is more than Just an image For some Art can be a liscense to murder, for another only a way into the thought process of man...However Mr. Rose & other editors who are suppose to be educated beyond High School Level world Civics Ought know that there is a standing 1500 year tradition of being an insult punishable by death within the Community of Islam, for those who scribe the image of God & Or the Prophets in any form other than the Written Script of the Quran...Even when the Image Was and Has been Illustrated The Face Has Been blotted out or veiled . It Is their Tradition amongst some of them as all traditions usually are amongst a few or a select group. Mr. Rose and Other Editors Ought take the responsiblity necessary to remember that you are on a Global Audienc the World & time Of my Block & My Street My Boundaries Less than the Globe Are over! Welcome to the New Millenium where whole countries suffer from the actions of independent individuals? I beg you Mr. Rose, if You are going to get on CNN, One more time to be responsible Not a Prideful Idiot and Take Some Responsiblity and Say You were Wrong An Inappropriate for that certain group of people who do not want their Religious and Political Spiritual Saints & Prophets depicted in any way other than respect. For Several Months this has been neglected and look at how the world is being effected or inffected. If Your going to be amoral and offensive take some clues from us here at EroCity® Universe and be Perverse across the board, yet know when to apologize, and that time is NOW! Lastly if you want to know how to be offensive and don't want to tkae a clue from US than pop in a tape of South Park...Next time chose a better personage like the Prime Minister of Iran, or a Suadi Cheikh some Ordianry yet great man not the religious iconoclasts of people who would blow themselves and the world up over a cartoon. Mr.Rose Your Point has been taken now would you please retract, and to all the Islamic World especially those who may not understand that in other parts of the world especially the Christian and Atheistic Sectors of the Globe , The Governments of those worlds are not responsible for the commentary of their citizens, the people their neither want to be restrcited to the government nor be resposible for the whole of the government either...If You want to look sensible than rally all your forces together and go directly to Mr.Rose and burn his doorstep not the whole country where your own Islamic Brothers and Sisters may reside and suffer from your economic oppression of a whole people for one Mans Misfortune?


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