Mania TV @ Erocity®: Divine Right

Mania TV @ Erocity®: Divine Right

Well after About 50 something or more times seeing this advertisement for Mania Tv form www.maniatv.com I decided to add the programming to my blog and I am a little happy I did. If you like MTV or MTV2 than you'll enjoy this cool little broadcast on my blog...if nothing else on my blog gets your attention! P.S. Coming soon is EroCity®: Divine Rights view on President George W. Bush, State Of The Union Address and Our spin on whether the country is being misled or are the citizens just not participating in the developement of The State of the Union? See my Blog-Love: Illegal Alien to get some perspective on how I do the news. As well More on Saddam and the BSDM's of the World. And a little aberation on the Chinese & Japanese Conflict. Also Is 2006, the year of Absolutionism Politics And World Economics? Come and See EroCity® though whimsical and most often mistyped is the place where pleasure lives and plays...

EroCity Universe: Ultimate Mature Audience Erotic Destination


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