I have been gathering up my content and improving the new template for erocity.blogspot.com. For my beloced readers and those who just come and go. I am interested in knowing what would you like to see on a blog that handles abberations of the human kind?

On The horizon is the continuation of the Arianna Chronicle! She is still preparing to begin the raunchy episodes that will take her from the quiet dormant nyphomanic she is into the explosive sex hunter she really is! As well Sexual Dimensions: a story flowing from a series of tarot cards is on the way. I also want to thank all those who made purchase or who even visited my adult store either through a link or on the purchase your pleasure link to the left. I am going to say this blog has been fun the response of people from around the globe has been most interesting. However there are some extra enjoyments coming to those who download the FireFox browser from my site or who choose to view this page in Firefox. I am still also looking for brave or meager writers who want to show case or help develope EroCity: Divine Right. Again We cover aberrations in sex politics bizarre humanities science art and human affairs. When I get back to the daily to bi-daily updating beware cause we plan to set the blog afire! Several New websites I am working on so when launch is complete know all you will be welcome to the damn thang campaign until then EroCity Says Enjoy


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