Adriana Lima Vs. Adriana Sage: Who is Pure & Who Is Not?

Recently GQ Magazine, Who's readers seem to have developed a following for Victoria's Secrets Model-Adriana Lima (seeing she has been on the cover several times), ran a story about Adriana's claim of virginity, April 2006 issue. This Made us, here at Erocity Divine Right, wonder How does one define Virginity? The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition, defines virginity as definition, one) the quality of being a virgin, two) the state of being pure, unsullied, or untouched. Well even after reading these definitions an amoral idiot such as myself is still mostly confused. So we dig alittle deeper and try and find an origin for this word virgin. We Find the word curiously traces back to the French, What? What do the French know about chasity-anyway virgin seems to come from the Word Virgo that originates from Astrological Mtyhos and the virgins of the goddess Artemis [goddess of love] who had her temple attendants in roman society as 'vestal virgins' pubescent into lifetime women who could not commit the act of sexual intercourse or if they did got straight way buried alive, What? Since, We may have covered the history lesson alittle enough (you think!), but wait there is more before We jump into the comparison and speculationn on the word virgin. With Islam, and Islamic fundamentalist terroist or what or who have you call them being the lime light of the news lately with their infamous cause of "jihad" story goes the warriors of "jihad" get 100 virgins in the after life for "dying for the cause", [like one of the infamous "Danish prophet" comics read] I think that heaven has ran out of virgins with all the god fearing acts of self suicide in the name of gaining entrance into heaven, What! Now What are you going to do with virgins in the after life I do not know, seeing your going to live for eternity and never age in the bosom of some heaven like state of bliss, We think sex would or the need of virgin women would be null and void, however for some reason "die for the cuase and you get heaven plus 100 virgins" and to be fair We think something about their [Islam] use of virgin gets lost in translation, Moving on...For The Past 2000 Years one all time Virgin The Virgin Madonna not like A virgin Madonna has the respect as the supreme example of virginity, yet again Semitic language to English something gets lost in translation...So Lets stick to the French And The Frenchie of some mythical Nymphs who better not have sex or get buried alive, and in so doing or rather not doing the horizontal insertion orgasmic event of sex they gain respect and wealth and all that is golden, right? Well the concept ofvirginity brings to my mind nothing but patronic fears of female sexuality and the power of masculine over feminine, in the wondrous world of Rock Cocks, and phallic insecurity. To make the Male member and his insertion into the vaginal track of the female counter part or any orifice seem important, some tricky male or female made this act of male insertion into some act of purity either good on the first time and only once plus to only one then after that first grand cockeration, Wallaa you are just one of us now or if you do this act [sex] with anyone else or more than once than guess what we got holes to bury you within and stakes to burn your ass, oh yeah let us not forget the stones...stone the bitch that will teach her not to be horny...Let's not even get into the fear of vaginal discharge and the whole menstruation non-sense, The Hymen whatever...So If these Physical acts define less virginity than what of the mental and physiologicall areas? This Brings us to Our Challenge..
Who Is Pure: Adriana Lima vs Adriana Sage.

Now for those of you who know of Adriana Lima, But Are Lost to Who is Adriana Sage-time for an Erocity Divine Right: Bring You Uptodate on An Who is Who In Porno. Adriana Sage is a lovely young lady, who not unlike Adriana Lima decided to let her charming perky breast, her delicate tight ass, and her pubescent body, as well as, her amber brunette hair be her way to success and wealth. Yet Ms. Adriana Sage chose the hardcore full monty, give it to her raw dick to pussy, ass, mouth, and girl on girl cunt to cunt triple x full feature movie action instead of the fantasy world of editortial advertisement as her venue of sexual idol and provocative entertainment. Adraina Sage has Starred in Some Hardcore Feats From Several Studios Such as Adam & Eve, Shades Of Sex #03 with the likes of pronstar favorites Aurora Snow, Mia Smiles, Gwen Summers-Shades of Sex being one of her Interracial tiles. Evil Angel Studios Placed her ass Up to get buck on the cover of, Fresh Meat 10,

another bangin' title of favorites like Alexxxis Tyler, Ryan and Of Course Adriana Sage And More... However She is best in her works with Andrew Blake , head lining her own title such as Adriana, rolling out brunette fever in Flirts, Doing the Girl on Girl in wonderfully filmed Hard Edge, Coming up with another 'A' named SEX IDOL Aria Giovanni ( more on her or should we say in her, later!) as Adriana Sage Shows us why her second necronomer is that of the Thanksgiving Day Essential spice 'SAGE' as she proves the word virgin can be applied to her if this word can be synonymous with the Cover Title: Naked Diva, The Diva Part that is? Andd of course Valentina antoher Andrew Blake flim where we get the hot skin sexy falshbacks of Valentina Vaughn's Mysterious sexual Ordeal grinding out the kink roster as follows: Valentina Vaughn, Monica Mendez, Charlie Laine, Adriana Sage, Anastasia, Bobbi Blair, Angie, Devon Savage, Rita Faltoyano, Jean Val Jean, Stacy and again we see Adriana Sage, doing the purest thing a nympho can and that is Have Sex for all to see and Purchase for all eternity? So Now What is the quality of Virginity? But First Let me make one more event clear in Wicked Feature Taco Flavored Kisses,

We find our way back to our comparison of the Adrianas' and Our speculation on What defines a virgin? That film is All Latin like Our two Nymphettes, It deals with the naivete of sexuality and lastly brings us back to Our Latin Word. Virgin? [plus the film also has the illustrious Jenna Jameson, Wow!]

"Well the concept of virginity brings to my mind nothing except patronic fears of female sexuality and the power of masculine over feminine, in thewondrouss world of Rock Cocks, and phallic insecurity. To make the Male member and his insertion into the vaginal track of the female counter part or any orifice seem important..."
Now You have An Idea of the Purity we have in mind for Adraina Sage, What of the Purity For Adriana Lima? Well She Is for one French, Poteguese, Native-American, Caribbean, 5'10" with blue/grey eyes and again she claims that she has not had near or any of the experience that Adriana Sage Is Famous For, Namely Sex! From wikipedia we can get the full skinny on both Adrianas' and here is the quote that raises our eyebrows
"Sex is for after marriage. [Men] have to respect that this is my choice. If there's no respect, that means they don't want me." -Adraina Lima

Now I am a male and I respect the moral and the felicity she is attempting to convey, however again the whole saving it for marriage is a Male Dominated Society View from days until now when women are kept objects of the Hunter, Herdsman, Business Man's possession a grand bargaining tool for rulers and a prized object for procreation of another oppressive belief baring human, a real simple way to keep anyone believing they ought to believe themselves guilty of a crime against man, nature, and even divine if someone dares or dared to have way with the natural urge to Have Sex. We all color our coloring books with the shades We choose and Adriana Lima does some helpful deeds for children around the world, so I am not attacking her just-want to be clear that Sex is powerful and whoever can persuade the potential to act or not to act is definitely controlling the power and defining the prowess. So It would be wise for every boy and girl man unto women to be sure of the origin of their sexual persuasion. Besides All the politics and philosophy or what have us, throughtout the ideology of "saving it" for marriage and the purity of not having sex, Both of these Latin Women provide us all with what they do best and that is look, sound, and smell beautiful ( I know Adriana Sage Smells great as she did at the last Porn Convention People Like Me and Fans of the industry attend, where of course I got up close and took a squeeze for myself-I mean a hug she smelt "Sagy", hahaha!) Anyway I still think, I haven't got to virginity and what defines virginity. I think I never will for like Love this word (virgin) is defined by the user at large. For Myself However, Virginity is being pure and pure is having integrity toward the beliefs and heart pains a person holds dear..For some that is a suicide bomb explosion and immediate entrance into the orgy of eternity, for others that is having sex with only one person for life in some swan like life journey, for others it is straight way banging as many and any that you choose as long as the act is done shamelessly and with full consideration of the rewards and consequences, for me it will always be somewhere near the latter, and a first time for all ie...anal sex, oral sex, beastiality, hetrosex, homo sex, tasting icecream, eating green peas, smoking pot, and did I mention masturbation, that brings me to a close yet one More Question...I notice Adriana Lima said [men] need to recognize but what about self pleasure..Does She Own any toys? Or is that against her catholic beliefs too? If not someone needs a confession...Hands Down and thumbs up (where ever you choose!) Adriana Sage wins My vote for being the real Virgin, and The Purist one of Our Two Adrianas'...She Leaves little to question, has full integrity in her seductive apprearance and wakes up with the self respect th at she only has to fake for the money shot. Keep The Real alive And Remember people these ladies are only human and they work for the entertainment industry, regardless of what sector and Should Your Moral mentor ever be in entertainment? This includes ME!