Sexiest Super Star Super Bowl Celebration

Erocity: Divine Right

Detroit, Motown City, Is having the Adult Super Bowl Party-that one ought not miss. Half-Time will be a Past Time at Zoo Bar in Detroit on February 3rd. The Bash will be hosting party animals with the expectation of mingling with World Class Athletes, Celebrities, and The HOTTEST XXX INDUSRTY PORN STARS, Namely The Hall of Famer Jenna Jameson, Vivid Girl Savanna Samson, ClubJenna Girl McKenzie Lee and many more leading XXX Stars-The Vivid Girls and ClubJenna Girls plus another adult bonus of pure erotic movement from the infamous Deja Vu Gentlemens Club [that's a near nude exxxtra flown in special!!!]
Vivid PR released the news and now we are putting the buzz out o the romp world, That ZOO Bar-415 east congress, Detroit, mi @ 9:00 p.m.#, Is the place to be if Your Ready For Some Football-"Are You Ready For Some Football!!!"

I am not sure how reliable these sources, I am about to give our on getting you tickets. And Do blame me if you miss the Twink and Pure XXX Athleticism Going Up in Detroit, However I would appreciate all the thank yous if you get there and GET-IN! I myself won't be there, wouldn't mind if you send me your pics of you At Vivid/ClubJenna Bowl 2006. Titty nipple nudity may still be off limits, yet who cares when the eye candy is as sweet as super bowl victory, When You can Go Live Football and Go Club Jenna Live!

For tickets or more information visit VividClubJennaBowl.com and for information about corporate sponsorship contact Hal Roseman of PT Travel who can be reached at Hal@VividClubJennaBowl.com or 215-533-5700.





The skinny fom AVN Adult Video Network the News & Reviews leader in Adult Entertainment Products Services...the Smutt...Claims One can Look forward to these stars to be in attendance:

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Jenna Jameson, Savanna, McKenzie Lee, Briana Banks, Mercedez, Lanny Barby, Sunny Leone, The Love Twins Lacey and Lyndsey, Monique Alexander, Lexie Marie and Stefani Morgan along with Club Jenna Girls Chanel St. James, Ashton Moore, Sophia Rossi and Jesse Capelli.

Lexie Maria Gets Flash in The above Title, from Porns Favorite Magazine and Online WebPage Club® Magazine See Our Pornstar List We Have Every Genre! Besides Jenna Jameson though one of the hottest tots in the jizz-biz, you can never get enough of the lovely Briana Banks! We Got Briana Banks Gallery right here for you to seriously consider, getting out from the misses or take her with cause these sweet chicks Love Girl on Girl!

Are You Ready For Some Football!!!


Valentine Day: Get Caught From Behind!

Get Caught From Behind..Literally!!

I was browsing through my store yesterday, and the phone rang! "I am working!", so I did not want to answer. However the ringtone conditioning set-in and my "Ivan Pavlov" reflexes picked up the lovely communication device. And Now, I am glad I did. On the other end was some telemarketer selling a Vivid Girls Video Package. Now before you ney-sayers start cooning into myself, with your comments like 'what a maroon-getting excited about pornstars and porn studios'-the excitement was cause the operator attempted to sell me the video package claiming to be a Vivid Girl! I say claiming cause she enunciated her Vivid Girl name as (gi'-nah), and spelled the name Jenna. Now, I consider myself no novice in the male, tranny, female, midget, chubby, asian, whatever & whoever is what or who it/they is/are etc...within The Adult Biz. So, I get curious (what a selling technique) and begin to question Jenna. She answers, my questions and kept going on about her ass demensions...How she was Latino...and a whole list of sexual attributes, yet I couldn't get this all clear within my mind cause only one Vivid Girl-with the spelling of the name (gi'-nah) or Jenna came to my mind & that is none other than Jenna Jameson! However, girls in the adult bix and their names are like populations in a small city...There is always more than one! So..I told her to call me back, cause I can always use more videos to review and a Vivid Release Package sound lovely even if I got it from the third, fourth or even the first string chick! And that was when, I came across this little item using the pornstar search in my store, using the word genie:

Warning You are Entering XXX Adult Store...Have Fun!!! 18 years or Older Only!

I really hope that you decide to get caught from behind this Valentine Day. I know I will be catching someone(s) from behind-especially with this video that-I ordered from my store cause I just really like the 80's Look, that Hollywood Video put together in this 2005 release. Even got the stocking and heels & pumps fetish all up in there! So whether you catch the stars like:

Who all Get Caught From Behind literally in 21 cum wet hot shot sex scenes in real live exotic locations on 5 DVDS, mostly all from behind.


Genie: In A Bottle

Erocity: Divine Right

Genie in a Bottle

A man was walking along a California beach and stumbled across an old lamp. He picked it up and rubbed it and out popped a genie. The genie said, "OK, OK. You released me from the lamp...yada yada yada!

This is the fourth time this month and I'm getting a little sick of these wishes so you can forget about three of them. You only get one wish!" The man sat and thought about it for a while and said, "I've always wanted to go to Hawaii but I'm scared to fly and I get very seasick. Could you build me a bridge to Hawaii so I can drive over there to visit?"

The genie laughed and said, "That's impossible. Think of the logistics of that! How would the supports ever reach the bottom of the Pacific? Think of how much concrete ... how much steel! Do you know how many engineers I would have to hire to figure how to do it? No, think of another wish."

The man said OK and tried to think of a really good wish. Finally, he said, "I've been married and divorced four times. My wives always said that I don't care and that I'm insensitive. So, I wish that I could understand women... know how they feel inside and what they're thinking when they give me the silent treatment... know why they're crying, know what they really want when they say 'nothing'... know how to make them truly happy."

The genie paused for a few minutes and then said, "You want that bridge with two lanes or four?"

This news arrived on: 01/23/2006
From the ArcaMax Publishing, Jokes Newsletter:
Copyright © 2006 ArcaMax Publishing, Inc., and its licensors. All rights reserved.

Get A Laugh & A Lay...This Valentine Day!!!

maybe the genie could help him with understanding his wife, however this title might do the job fine!!!

and if after the chat on lesbian scat and cuddling affairs doesn't get it the go for the sweet tooth and let her affections be her own covert mini candy coochie mobile pocket vibrator specials any one of these specially wrapped minis will satisfy her taste til the sensitivity meter in your relationship mathces the tingles she will get operating these delicious little wonders...
Learn how to take a break from the stress of intimacy and satisfy your one can not go wrong with pleasing there spot on your body...have a treat!


I Don't Wear The Pants In This Relationship: "I Wear The Draws!!, Damn It!"

Erocity®: Divine Right

"Your Right I Don't Wear The Pants In This Relationship, I Got The Draws On!"

Should She Take Them Off:

Where do you stand on female equality, within a relationship?

Ought women judge their role within life by male or gender polarity?

If so, When? Where? Why? and For Who?

Where is the beef? That remains to still be the question...

image has been provided courtesy of Corbis.Com
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Comments are Welcome! They don't get posted, If you state so within your comment! And their is always anonymous

Reason Number One For The War On Terror

Erocity: Divine Right

Here Is A Thread I Started On A Forum:
Cause I could, And So I did, Wasn't Expecting Much Enlightenment, And As Is...Got Just That...I am By No Means
In Agreement With The BloodShed of Humans For The Right to Exsist Beyond Our Attributes, However As The Planet Begins To Become As Is Always Been Small Dominated By Human Cleverness Than We Will Be Ever More Confronted
With Realizing The One Truth-That We Breed Amongst Each Other Unlike A Horse To A Pony-We Do Not Make Sterile Jack-Asses However Another Human Capable of Reproducing Yet Another Human, And Another...Yet without the distinctions Where is The Fun?

tamish(one of my psuedonoms)
the reality of life is we are all made up of the same 19 elements, we appear dissimilar becuase of the miraculous universal potential within these basic building blocks of godhead intelligence. and what we accept or deny doing with these gifts is our unique service to godhead and creation. all human kind is faliable, none more or less so than others and as a group or an individual, none more or less above corruption. The issue of inter-marriage, inter-religion serves only the purpose of a certain persons indentity and or culture, thus taboo for those who would harm the identity of the group or person and honor for vice versa. However in this widespread age men and women are beginning to live ritual instead of performing ritual and thus the substance of a man or woman are all we love. here in America to many people have died that we may live, learn, and love as a diverse free though seperate yet equal union-You abide now in the U.S. then great the rest of the world is learning how to keep up! and this is the age for people to end their ignorance or die and be judge guilty within it.

Erocity: Divine Right

Erocity: Divine Right

I apologize that I am not always or even hardly ever concerned with editing the mispells and errors on my blogg. i do a lot of reading and typing throughout the day and when I come here. I just let the first words go and leave the page as is. I will be updating all the post-More pics to add content and the template will change. I am a publisher not an editor. I love all those who support and read this blog, leave comments they are very much so welcomed.

And this site is vulgar, I do that with a purpose!

Like Hypnotist, Like Conjurer: Night Queen?

Like Hypnotist, Like Conjurer: Night Queen?

the magic of enhancing ones mood is always as simple as a click!

the importance of touch maybe found more in the palette taste than within the application of stroke...

Like Hypnotist, Like Conjurer: Night Queen?

Like Hypnotist, Like Conjurer: Night Queen?

the magic of enhancing ones mood is always as simple as a click!

the importance of touch maybe found more in the palette taste than within the application of stroke...

it is Chronicle time: SUPER XXX REVIEW BABBLE

Often when i blogg I tend to have something going in the background. either in the background of my own mind, or on the terminal, the radio or television. I do this cause writing is a lonely sport. I am the worse typist ever and i dislike spell check. Not casuse i am not adept at spelling, i hate correcting typos. I once read a review on a site submission engine, I used and someone eslse "most likely a professional or more accurate writer, publisher, reader or what have you", might be insulted by. Myself i was very pleased...the reviewer wrote i went to this site an the desciption was very accurate, not a site for people who are bothered by TYPOS...HOWEVER the description is correct. i remeber describing the site as eeverything and evreryone concerned with human affairs sex, politics..etc and i used the word abberration. I love that word if one can actually love a word, abberration:
  1. A deviation from the proper or expected course. See Synonyms at deviation.
  2. A departure from the normal or typical: events that were aberrations from the norm.
  3. Psychology. A disorder or abnormal alteration in one's mental state.
    1. A defect of focus, such as blurring in an image.
    2. An imperfect image caused by a physical defect in an optical element, as in a lens.
  4. The apparent displacement of the position of a celestial body in the direction of motion of an observer on Earth, caused by the motion of Earth and the finite velocity of light.
  5. Genetics. A deviation in the normal structure or number of chromosomes in an organism.
Definiton number one holds much weight with this blog. I am extremely opinionated, however i take my lesson of being opinionated from the great minds (not even to imply i am or have a great mind..a beautiful mind, yes!)-because the best opinions are those that are backed up by relevant truths though i don't aways site them-if you think for one moment i am not exact go look up what i said. I put a hell or heaven of alot in making sure where i stand has been an educated and intellectual standpoint sometimes burried deep in the library of time. I usually am not the one to speak or comment unless..i can recall that a great mind had communicated some thought similiar and whther the world caught up with the vision or not...I know that what i did not know is valid. People who are close to me think, i come off as if i know it all i just really rarely comment unless i do know...they later always come back for advice, or give me a thank you once they ponder what had be foretold-not knowing at the time i made mention i had already thought and investigated the subject very deep.
"For anyone interested in that or any of the titles or toys within the links on this pages of EroCity®: Divine Right, and you want a better deal then go to my iOffer store leave a message with the e-code from the store and make me an offer i will gladly give up to 70% off the title or product, if i feel like it! maybe even more!"
So always in the background is something or someone going on, Today the background has been my favorite topic since i was a child [kindergarden in fact]..that topic is sex! With all the child pornography (not that i am condoning the taste) and all the media sexuality going about..I wish it had been that way with a more structured envirorment when I was a child! Ooo, how I lust my kindergarden teacher, i use to sit at reading time and do nothing but try and look up that ladies skirt. I would spill my drink so i could make her bend over and wipe it up an d stare straight into her shirt! Man alive was I alittle perve. I haven't changed much and if someone would have wanted to photograph me all provocative and post it on the web i wouldn't have had no objections. Yet still , I do not like sexual abuse. And abuse to me is the coersion or forcing someone through manipulation or what have you. I guess I as a child was guilty of such a practice on my kindergarden teacher, I might need to look inot that! Yet i struggle with trying to figure out where that boundary lies with my childhood, i can see it in others yet inmy own I was always way ahead of my time and by the time it was or is my turn I am either not quite there anymore or on to the future.
"i watched some today with the fuck machines in the film, thus no human other than the star getting wanked and the frustrated camera guy appeasing the chick with alittle cock to mouthaction"
So even more goes on inthe backgorund and todays bakcground has been adult video review..I would not know what to do if some of these puritanical "debaucherates" have thier way and make the 12 billion dollar a year sex industry..something of an alcohol prohibiton era something...legalizing only their preferred stock while cutting the more fantasical imagery out. Again I do not like sexual abuse, however i am totally against the pysche that made my natural childhood urge feel as if i needed some help, wtih my mental calliber. I just love the entertainment of F.U.C.K. ( for using carnel knowledge. I adore it as enttertainment, yet some of us are gifted at having our fantasy and the fantasy of others be our real lifestyle. I have been in inerracial and interreligious relationships, and some polyamorous affairs, and at first i used to think that people who saw me hated me because of the race or the culture. Yet within the last year as i got ever more so serious about providing the world with who and what made me comfortable that the word entertainment and fantasy meaning became clear. i then noticed that the stander-by actually was uncomfortable because i was a walking breathing fantasy before their eyes. The reality of sames and norms had been challenged by my presence. the person was confronted with some thought that may have only been an image within their mind not a living breathing oraganism that they couldn't manipulate. So they didn't now how to react how to interact with that image as a person. like being haunted by a ghost or some near death experience, maybe, they know it to be possible yet to actually witness the fact-tis must be uncomfortable. For me however this was, is and always was and will be my reality-their fantasy however infamous or adoring it may or may not be or even become! I began once I realize this to look into my life an notice how many marketed fantasies i had always been participating within-the observation became startling...And i began to wonder what would it be like to be the other person who lif did not have all these fantastical happenings how under pinned they must be when confronted with realities foreign to their own? How they msut try and relate the persona to their "real world" like a young girl or Soap opera fan watching the Young and The Restless..then going to her spouse and or male friend and expecting he or she to script like the characters within her mind play? I wonder how many people watch the movies I sell and the fluff i adore and attempt to make real people do it like the porn star with no cuts or edits. I really became liken to a bhudda sadden by the suffering it must cause these unknowing fantasy dreamers to make entertainment into reality. I thought about the perves who couldn't keep their fantasies in check and went the extra way and got themselves and someone else hurt. And then i thought about the blessed ones like myself who were created that way, that way being sexual vessels...
"The Cover girl Angel Dark Takes it all jewled out and strapped in some seductive greco style white heels all Play boy Bunny Like in the opening scene that makes her long tanned fine legs a wonderful lusty extenstion to her hot pink sex tunnel being wonderfully probed deep by Franco Roccaforte With a keep the monster long wet deep throat between every position switch!"
deep sensing beings who if they try to tap that sesual force could make a real impact on the lives of people who would be totally inhibited and repressed! And i watched alot of porn today! kept it going laughing at the lines, and enjoynig admiring he camera guy who has a tuff job of not getting juices squirted all over him or herself, especilly the handheld on set camera guy! and then i looked up some google news to see if anyone had wrote anything swell about the Doc Johnson Red Boy Extra Large Butt Plug..and only found and editor of some online news journal, confronted with her own sexual abuse issues at the AVN Adult Expo. I left a hefty comment about fantasy and reality, that in our age of inforamtion and the war on terror plus technology that is making an artist of everyone, is only making harder for the non-creative an non-confrontional poeples of the world become more an more absolete. And I did allow her o steer me into a dialouge on the seeming abusive plight of the female porn star, yet here on my blogg i want to point something out to the women and men who come to my site about male porn actors. Let us if we want to go in the wrong direction, that is complain about an actors damaging role in a film ( porn is a film no matter how close to reality the genre may seem...with reality TV shows the norm now you can see with a more clear vision, if you take off your own sexual issues, How media pros can script anythng, any event, any person onthe cutting room floor with a soundtrack and the right staff and editing tools) Let us explore the male pornstar. Pop in your favorite flick male or female any genre and you will notice that the male who is inthe romantic or even traumatised viewers mind is being glorified, Is actuall no more than a headless penis (cock)! And i mean headless as the area where the brain is located that is helping to maneuver the so called male glorified thrust. Count how many shots show the males face, if he isn't just ore so an extnesion of his balls connected to a jusicy vagina, meaning his face is more his asshole then anything else. Even in your made for women soft and hardcore films the guy is usually a bicep a back or his buttocks. The woman always full view always a full figure. This may work against me because maybe that makes it all worse for those who ant the porno industry to instruct them into sexual education and the real world of intimacy. Because if he is just the headless horseman and a valiant shot of an asshole then who is banging away at our center stage actress...A dumb ass brainless aberration! I see why women could get disturbed, pastors and the other critics of porn when they try to take fantasy the tension between that which is prohibited vesres that which is alledgedly allowed! and make fantasy the human perosnas' entertainment vehicle and into reality day to day affair! Note two) how many times have you seen a flick that has a bed in it and when there is a bed how many times have you noticed the woman has her shoes on! how many times have you noticed that she has on street clothes in the bed! how many times have you notice the guy has on shoes or socks this is not a mistake people..The Industry has unspoken rules to guide the events as entertainment value just like in a horror movie that actully is intended to make an entertainment vlaue commentary on the wrongs and the results of participating in the wrongs of societies norms...Like why does only the boys and girls who have sex die, only the vain or the smokers get the axe, and a once favorite of the horror industry until Rap And LL Cool J [todd James] vand the director of the intelligent shark movie changed this one..That the only black guy amongst a group of whites gets got first, by the stranger danger! People this rant is just me getting off my back what someone need not say cause we all know it and we love it cause if it goes unsaid the fun stays in and the fuck keeps selling! So Todays thumbs up goes to 3rd degree films for putting together some heavenly "fuckstivities" for ripping out the baddest little cunts in the cuttest outfits with great tans great lighting for the style and a terrific little mansion location. With the hugest DICKS not cocks in the littlest koochies! in the film Black Inside Me (2004) 3 hours

Starring: Angel Dark, Ariana Jollee, Venus, Melissa Lauren, Leah Luv, Annmarie Michelle, Veronica Jett, Mandingo, Franco Roccaforte, Billy Banks, Devlin Weed, Julian St Jox, Sledge Hammer, Jean Claude Batiste, Joachim Kessef

3rd degree films: lined them up and made some sweet cuts, perfect for fast forward action! When you want to watch a "dirty movie" the way you did when you were a teenager, squishy in hand remote in the other someone may be interrupting soon and more important you want to get the squish squashed, and toss some belly pancakes! I am sorry for those who can't take the real nymphomaniac porn, this title is not for you! this one is FOR those who like to see hear and watch hardcore bang action on sexy chicks. i always liked their cover art now i say they now how to deliver way past the package. I am alittle bias here cause not that i care about the male members in a flick i watched some today with the fuck machines in the film, thus no human other than the star getting wanked and the frustrated camera guy appeasing the chick with alittle cock to mouthaction and i mean little, which brings me back to what I started on...i am bias when it comes to films cause I can't stand to see a COCK not a DICK, smaller than my favorite tabacco brands cancer stick work and deliciously meated clit and she feins an orgasm.
"if he is just the headless horseman and a valiant shot of an asshole then who is banging away at our center stage actress...A dumb ass brainless aberration!"
I need to see the big ones bigger than mine and i am not working with the average or even above average male member fly aeay into some screaming dolls wet ones. So I guess that is the main reason 3rd degree won today with over 14 hours of porn viewed..my God Some Pasture or Faint hearted judgemental wonder msut be noock off their righteous monkey seat saying what do you do with your time. I sell fantasies of the sexual nature direct people who indulge pleasure to higher sex education and volunteer about 30 hours out of the week to improving community relations. i am the Angel or Daemon you could say of the Adult industry. Bakc to the film, The Cover girl Angel Dark Takes it all jewled out and strapped in some seductive greco style white heels all Play boy Bunny Like in the opening scene that makes her long tanned fine legs a wonderful lusty extenstion to her hot pink sex tunnel being wonderfully probed deep by Franco Roccaforte With a keep the monster long wet deep throat between every position switch! And Angel Dark not to be confused with Dark angel swallows his girth with ease! That scene is only a teaser compared to the rest of the slammin action. For anyone interested in that or any of the titles or toys within the links on this pages of EroCity®: Divine Right, and you want a better deal then go to my iOffer store leave a message with the e-code from the store and make me an offer i will gladly give up to 70% off the title or product, if i feel like it! maybe even more!



From Domestic Discipline Diary: Calling All Spankos

From Domestic Discipline Diary: Calling All Spankos

I adore the world of Romp! The scores of human affairs when the little people of the world limbs and members grow in size and stature, thus finally enabling those precious wonders to do as they so often did fancy or please at that much earlier height and recognition impairment We call childhood. When We dare to "Grow-up" and begin to dare to be who we believed ourselves capable of becoming, who we dared to dream, despite the onslaught of the "adult frustration", When the age of buying liquor and cigarettes -the voting principle begins and finally we are allowed to enter the talents we already had been given into "higher education", There Comes A Need to investigate a particular area of interest that maybe the true defining line of ones pursuit to happiness! A seemingly forbidden ground of territory in our daily goings on, that is ones pain threshold and who and how or even why (if you dare!) One likes/prefers to receive or give pain. Great minds like Epicurious, Freud, George Bush?, all have made glimpses into the arena of pain! Yet not until that inner child and yourself now all Stretched-Out Explores for yourself, Where? When? From Who(m)?, Toward Who(m)?, or even with and What? Till you run down the stipulations regarding your pleasure for pain...You may continue to find yourself in Fights with that lover, and no reason why it occurred...At the local battered shelter socked in the eye again, yet why is it you over and over again...Behind bars for another domestic fall-out...Their are healthy paths for these passive/aggressive events to be expressed and yet indulged. However a person ought become aware of where they stand along the issue seek others who are compatible and lower the stress, due to the repression and misuse of ones talents and urges. So here is a very humorous tit bit I found on Domestic Discipline Diary:

Sunday, January 22, 2006
Calling all Spankos!
I received this in an email, and invite all who would like to reply. It seems this gentleman is doing a bit of research for Bizarre magazine, and he would like our input. If you would like to answer his questions, I have listed them below. Copy and paste them into your email message, his address is listed at the bottom. Thanks for your help.

1) Do you prefer to spank or to be spanked?

2) What is the one most important piece of advice that you could give someone about good spanking?

3) What are your top three 'dos'?

4) And your top three 'don'ts'

5) Do you have a favourite position for spanking someone or being spanked by someone (standing, sitting, bent over something et cetera)? Some people have told me that they like to be in a position bent over something so that they can't clench their buttocks and can only be spanked on wobbly buttocks.

6) Physically speaking, do you prefer to be spanked firmly or gently?

7) Do you prefer a spanking to be from an open hand or implement? If you prefer an implement, what is that implement and which of its characteristics make you love it so?

8) Do you prefer a long period of anticipation or is it purely the spanking itself that you like?

9) Is there any other element that you like? For example, humiliation, being disciplined, submissiveness, anything else you would like to mention.

10) Can you tell me about your first time?

11) Do you need to feel safe? By that I mean, do you need a safe word or some assurance that you aren't going to be harmed in any way? Or is that loss of control something that you quite like?

12) Do you have a favourite spanking moment from film or television? if so, what is it?

14) Can you tell me about your best and worst spanking experiences?
Please feel free to go into as much detail as you like.

15) How did you get into this?

Also, I would be grateful if you could add this to any website or message board that you think would be appropriate so that I can get contributions from as many people as possible. I can take replies to james_doorne@dennis.co.uk

If you enjoy this or want to learn more check out this book:

DK Publishing

and many more goodies that will make everyday Valentines Day Here!

Thank You From EroCity® Universe: The Ultimate World Wide Destination For Mature Adult Pleasures

Any One Know Mrs.Kishimoto

Any One Know Mrs.Kishimoto

Sometimes Here At EroCity®, We remove ourselves from the topic of utmost importance pleasure to contend with asking for some personal assistance. We never know what to expect and truthfully enjoy all input regardless of the nature. Today, We are on a brief search for a "Red October ", Within miLife! The hunt is for a first Grade teacher of mine. Yes, I am huanted by the ongoings of past "teachers", and one in particular Mrs. Kishimoto is of particular interest! The Below Block qoute is of a letter in a school district I found on the web that may have Our Suspected Mrs. Kishimoto:

30th & Raymond
LaGrange Park, Illinois 60526
708-354-3146 Fax
Dr. Claudia Newman
Board Notes
February 2004
• So far this winter we have not had any days of
increased absences due to illness. Donna Schmidt,
District Nurse, obtained sample wall mounted hand
sanitizer (Purell) units, which were placed in the
computer lab, Mrs. Mach’s kindergarten, and the
teacher’s workroom. These are being considered for
placement in classrooms for supplemental hand
cleansing. With the trend of increased cases of
serious influenza cases in children, SARS, and the
West Nile Virus attention to sanitation is becoming
more and more important. In addition, children are
given paper to put on their desk before every lunch to
help keep their food safe. Healthy students don’t
miss school and increase their time to learn.
Instruction / Curriculum
• Michael Heggerty was in the building on February 3
work with our teachers on phonemic awareness and
writing skills for the ISAT test. K-2 teachers were
given an overview of how a successful writing program
combined with phonemic awareness can support writing
instruction and ISAT testing skills. He created
benchmarks for each grade, discussed writing
strategies for beginning readers, showed teachers how
to modify writing for students with special needs, and
finally, discussed how to evaluate K-2 writing. Since
the inception of phonemic awareness program the
teachers have observed that the childrens’ writing has
greatly improved. Teachers in grades 3-4 concentrated
Page 2
on what research and best practices say about word
identification skills, sight vocabulary, phonics, and
vocabulary. This program was coordinated by the
Reading Improvement team and funded by Title One.
• The Roberts Marionettes Assembly was held on January
. This literature-based multicultural production
of “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” delighted our
students and staff. During the performance the solo
artist operated all of the marionettes and created
unique voices for the entire cast of characters. The
lifelike marionettes are hand-carved from wood to 1/3
human scale. When the show was over the solo artist
stepped out to answer questions from the students.
The Brook Park BPC paid for this assembly.
Communication / Climate / Community
• The BPC Fun Fair was held on Saturday, February 7
The families of Brook Park enjoyed many games and
activities. One of the highlights of the day is the
Teacher Raffle, which is coordinated by Mrs.
Kishimoto. The students bought raffle tickets and
took chances on the prizes. At the end of the Fun
Fair the winners are drawn and prizes awarded. Prizes
donated by the teachers included games, gift
certificates, stuffed animals, sweatshirts, b
I am quiet sure she will remember me, however, I can only be Sure if this is the Mrs. Kishimoto who once taught in District 89 of Proviso Townships Elementary Schools, at Van Buren? Help Us Find Mrs. Kishimoto and You will Recieve a Discount on Pleasure Purchases at EroCity® Universe and A Gift Certificate of $100 Usable at EroCity® Universe or Any other Sex Superstore! Join the Hunt and Win! Leave Your Clues and/or Knowledge in Our comments section Anonymous Comments Our Welcome! Have Fun If Nothing Else!


Where Does this Email Address Really Go!

Hey Where is this Email And What  does It Do! 

Yahoo! Autos. Looking for a sweet ride? Get pricing, reviews, & more on new and used cars.


Snoop Dogg: Wants To Know Do You like His Doggystyle

Snoop Dogg: Wants To Know Do You like His Doggystyle

It has been a while since I posted anything hot!! while browsing through EroCity® Universe Super Sex Store On-line, I found No one other than the master maestro pimp-a-docious Himself Snoop Doggy Dogg Of the Dawg Pound My N@GG@ fo' shizzle! Offering this Naughty ault title with macalicious pride that only the Snoop Could pull off

Looks Like A Hustler® Dawg Pound collaberation to bring you the abberations the sweet thick baby got back fo' dat' asS! for real from the streets to DVD!!! And if You checkAll this rompage out, It seems Snoop is not alone in the jizz-biz! You Got Lil Jon a regular at the AVN Expos! Yeahhin' Ya! to Get Crunk to this Title

Now the Snoop Went Hustler®, However The payout maybe?, I do Not Know!...But One Thing I do KNOW- even though a staple in the World of everything Pornoriffic, When it comes to bangin' hot chicks and mancho hunks for flesh pounding cock-rations No one Studio turns out The TurnOut Like VIVID Studios. Though they Missed out on the looks with LIL' Jon the Ladies are status-quo! I think LiL' John Got the better deal, Here! However You May disagree! Buy the vids' and tell me!

Now there are many others Like the Infamous 50 Cent & LLyod Banks Groupie Love title where they get some real tight bodies of interantional potentional to steam and cram the set REAL HOT..ONLY ONE THING LEFT TO SAY ABOUT THAT IS .."G-G-G-G-UNIT!"

Mystikal a Rapper, i.e. Hip-Hop Performer You may Remember from the Tom Cruise & Nicole Hit BlockBuster Movie,"Eyes Wide Shut" Soundtrack. Wel Regardless that is about the last time We all heard from him cause He got all caught up in a Sodomy Charge in one of those States Where Giving the rear plug action even if wanted just ain't legal! But appears he has a the second largest amount of releases and a wonderful volume called Liquid City! Mystikal Keeps it real with only the largest cocks the smallest twinks and the ghetto-est BOOTY! It is All BLack! Black Out!- how big some of the manhood siz is... in these Liquid City films!
Now all in all, these films rate in my category of fucktasia where we give E for EroCity® about on averae EEE and a half E's Not because the chicks or the flick it is just the nature of Black Porno Movie Titles! It is like the producers and the consumers got together and made an agreement that if It is going to be a Blck title Let's film it gritty...Now I don't think it is a racial discre(however youspell that hate shit!) I Just think It is a style! the Consumers Like It and I bet someone can't wait to play one of these DVDS OR VHS TITLES AT EroCity® Universe Right Now!

While your at it for when your gonna get at It! Let the world know Your dealing with a Hustler® in these right here also available at EroCity® Universe:

Gice You Lover The Royal Treatment

Erocity: Divine Right

Welcome your lover home with eternal silk rose petals and candle lit ambiance! This may be a little cliche, however the catch is who doesn't want that royal treatment and who else will help you achieve it other than us...There so many wonderful Ideas in the couple section of the On-line Store. There Are So many links Hidden on My blocker and all the genres a are covered. I really want to know that I participated in helping someone enhance their Valentine Experience please, Leave Comments even if You decide a Purchase can await pleasure, tomorrow I Know some of us are still wondering what is going on Super Bowl Sunday. And Valentine Seems So Far away! Well OUR Orders Are usually fast if the Item says one to two days it takes one to two business days and every order comes with a free gift! I know Cause I go the dildo! With a $10.00 order so basically I got My Money Back And A fun toy for My Lover..So What are You Waiting For Time And Pleasure Wait For No One!

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Color Your Lover: Choc-co-latee! & Creeeeammmm!

Erocity: Divine Right

Valentine Day is right around the corner and I know some one out here is feeling very artistic, I want to help you out(acually help you in!) Cause not only Can You apply your stroke within sensitivity with Kama Sutra® Lovers Paint You can also delightfully and deliciously enjoy the chocolate flavor. I recommend you serve at a cool temperature for events may become very warm once applied!


Erocity®: Divine Right-Valentines Day?


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¡G.A.M.E. el Mono Pequeño Dice
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After realizing that the internet community is Global. I ponder that there just has to be some way for others to translate their typed pages without spending big marketing dollars up front. I figured, if no internet company had thought it through that far they must be stupid or extremely wealthy. So I want everyone to know if you already did not, that if you really want to visit mine or anyones blogger and have the text translated, on my page are some common links, if you know of any others leave them in the comment section. In the mean time

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An electrical engineer, a chemical engineer, and a software engineer are riding in a car when the car stalls by the side of the road.
The electrical engineer says "Let's strip down the wiring and try to trace where the fault might have occurred."
The chemical engineer says " Maybe the fuel has become emulsified and is causing a blockage somewhere in the system."
The software engineer says " Why don't we close all the windows , get out , get back in , open the windows , then try it again."


Erocity: Divine Right

Humor Just For Women:

Humor Just for Women
What should you give a man who has everything? A woman to show him how to work it.

What's the smartest thing a man can say? "My wife says..."

What's the quickest way to a man's heart? Straight through the rib cage.

Why can't men get mad cow disease? Because they're all pigs.

How does a man show he's planning for the future? He buys two cases of beer instead of one.

What makes a man think about a candlelight dinner? A power failure.

This news arrived on: 01/05/2006
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From the ArcaMax Publishing, Jokes Newsletter:

Live in NY?

Do You Live In New York?

Live in NY?

You Know You're From New York When...

You're 35 years old and don't have a driver's license.

You ride in a subway car with no air conditioning just because there are seats available.

You take the train home and you know exactly where on the platform the doors will open that will leave you right in front of the exit stairway.

You know what a "regular" coffee is.

It's not Manhattan...... It's the "city".

There is no north and south. It's "uptown" or "downtown." If you're really from New York you have absolutely no concept of where north and south are.... And east or west is "crosstown."

You cross the street anywhere but on the corners and you yell at cars for not respecting your right to do it.

You move 3,000 miles away, spend 10 years learning the local language and people still know you're from Brooklyn the minute you open your mouth.

You return after 10 years and the first foods you want are a "real" pizza and a "real" bagel.

A 500 square foot apartment is large.

You know the differences between all the different Ray's pizzas.

You are not under the mistaken impression that any human being would be able to actually understand a p.a. Announcement on the subway.

You wouldn't bother ordering pizza in any other city.

You get ready to order dinner every night and must choose from the major food groups which are: Chinese, Italian, Mexican or Indian.

You're not the least bit interested in going to Times Square on New Year's eve.

Your internal clock is permanently set to know when alternate side of the street parking regulations are in effect.

Someone bumps into you, and you check for your wallet.

You don't even notice the lady walking down the road having a perfectly normal conversation with herself.

You pay "only" $230 a month to park your car.

The presidential visit is a major traffic jam, not an honor.

You can nap on the subway and never miss your stop.

The deli guy gives you a straw with any beverage you buy, even if it's a beer.

This news arrived on: 01/04/2006

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50 Cent 'Curtis Jackson' Ad Glamorised Gun Crime

If You Think That Is Glamorist Try This....

If The U.S. peoples and government didn't have enough of tired and yawning complaints, regarding Mr. Curtis Jackson "50 Cent" and His self proclaimed journey 'To Get Rich Or Die Tryin'-That Now BBC NEWS reports: The UK Advertising Standards Authority has joined the growing community who seems to percieve "Fifty's" path to Get Rich or Die Tryin' as glamorising gun crimes, too. Well all the controversey appears to stem from a billboard Mr. Jackson And His Promotion Staff are using to convey,
"the choice he had to make between the child and the violence represented by the gun." -from the advertisers via BBC NEWS

For More Details click one of the BBC NEWS Links or go Google on my Links...For Now Let me Give You miTake:
Mr. Curtis Jackson is an entreperneur, with a highly discipline infamous methodology, In other Words He pursues to exploit a niche market as a street merchant: ie, guns, drugs, bootleg albums, clothes, you name it he'll claim it and sell it, okay! However He has an eye for Detail and is most likely enjoying all this wonderful free press. The moral question, will be survived by the faith and though radical Christian views Curtis Jakson a.ka. 50 cent presents. Yet we might want to be glad that he chose to give the children the option of avoiding, gun violence for the sake of the children. This a message that Prime Minister Blair and President Bush-the US, THe Uk and all of us might want to learn cause the reality is the gun is a prop and if all our guns and deliciously heinous crimes were only lyrics and movies or left totally to the world of imagination and fantasy plus kept out of the world of reality, what a world we would live within...For there are others who have real allegations to answer to such as: Alberto Fujimori to learn more...Cause If You Think That Is "GLAMORISING" you really need to see what Mr. Jackson could be focusing with greater intention in Distributing like:

The above is mild in comparison to the movie banner:

and of course the front:

However One Does not want to gather their moral advice from an amoral individual such as myself. It is best you see your higher power, cause I would like to make it clear I am in no way saying Fifty has been reponsible. I believe he has been distasteful and if you ever read my blogger than you know the distasteful has much credibility here, when done with tedious attention to being detailed in directing others toward the alterantive choices. Fifty met miStandard and ask us to elevate our perception or just stay @#$% where your at(dangling on that preposition). Hopefully we may do this with all our taboos, and this is elevate the infamy from where the trash lies, it is recycling at a higher plane.

Fifty images were courtesey of these web pages:


Erocity: Ladies Let Me Know

Ladies Let Me Know

Ladies I Recieved and email from a very persuasive sales pitch and the email read as such:

Imagine if you could pick up women in ANY situation, and knew exactly what to say and do to get them in bed every time. If you even read only ONE chapter of my book before you go out TONIGHT... you'll come home with a hot woman on your arm! I will teach you how to pick up women ANYWHERE : in the bar, club, mall, gym, store, park, online... my flawless techniques work anywhere, anytime and EVERY time!

Now, One Can order this manuscript from check this out

What I want to know from the Ladies is with a Web Page name like Players Black Book and an exstention of .info
ought I lable that email Spam or give the Players Black Book A chance to instill Flawless Game IN ME, Huh?

Hopefully if The Vote is yes We Won't Find You listed in The Players Black Book, Do You Think The information will work for same sex pick-ups-that is if the 'knowledge' works for the propsed anywhere anytime
Cast Your Vote!

Turning Out Of Arianna Chronicles: Yes, Girl-Part II

Ever Since, I first met Samantha within the busars office, I have avoided becoming a participant of her libertinisms, Even though I privately desired to have her lack for restraint. Now, Events appear I may find myself an unknowing and even more so reluctant participant-soon to be place in restraints. I wasn't sure if we had done more than just broke some local library censorship code with the excessive imagery being displayed on Sammy Jo's monitor. For the third time the security officier made his statement, and then I felt a tugg on my arm, it was Miss Sammy Jo a.k.a. Samantha, "Snap Out of It Ari, The Man Means business", She giggled still flirting with the guard, "And We Only want to make His Job Real Easy", Sammy Jo continued-this time with a hint of frustration within her voiced aimed at me. My apparent shock and slow mobility was hindering what ever little torrid plot she was attemping to unfold. "Ladies We will discuss this in the security office, right Now I am requesting you come along", The officier stated, trying to stay professional admidst the barely legal fantasy Sammy Jo, had been wittingly proposing. "Okay, Okay", I Let out,"And Let Go of Me, Sammy Jo-I can Walk on my own", I directed to my lascivious conspirator of a friend and I was still horny,Yes. We walked for what seemed to be forever and everyone appeared to be watching. Two teen girls and a middle aged man, walking in a public setting is nothing strange, yet Sammy jo appeared alittle close to our escort and was towing me effortlessly. We got to a hallway off, the main floor that led to a room marked by a small plancard saying Security office, the frosted glass door was opened by our guard. However was he guarding us? Or Did he need Guarding himself? Once the door open, I saw seated along a pew bench protruding from the wall consuming the majority of the floor, were those same greenish teenagers. However the look on their faces was worry, a big change from the grins and immature lusty finger pointing and head knodding their testosterone filled balls had evoked earlier, yet the sight of Sammy Jo had brought some color back to their faces. There was another office door immediately to the right yet one had to walk a few steps, yet seemingly long steps to reach that entrance. And this walk, would seem even longer with the boyish grins plus probing eyes pressing up against my flesh. As I look back on this life changing event, the green carpet lining our gauntlet, now seems to have been hinting at a full-on go of things to come. With each step, I went through a menagerie of emotions. From feeling like a criminal, to some sort of pervert, and a beauty queen, my skin tingled at first very repulsively uncomfortable then most oddly lusciously self-confident with each violating stare, from the bull-pin. Sammy Jo, I noticed had made assured eye contact with each and every little pimpled face geek on the bench and even dropped her back pack. She slowly and tantalizingly squatted to pick up the sack. Making every attempt to let all the polka dots be counted. Seductive well manicured hand slid down her thighs, as she centered herself above the jansport bag. Who would survive this journey the bag or myself-taking a poke at jansport brand marketing scheme. Obviously none of the boys on the bench would be able to survive Miss Congeniality, if allowed to get her hands around their ever increasing young throbs, one could observe swelling in their jeans. In a gesture of prematurely one of the cute ones, gave a little cough and a wicked grin-setting off a chain reaction amongst the monkey pack. I know, I had been blushing I could feel the blood in my cheeks and I swore I over heard one of the pack whipser to the other "I wonder if the lonely girls tight ass gets as pink as her face, when you hit it from the back". I wasn't bother as much by the sexual comment as much as being referred to as lonely girl. I wasn't lonely just shy, I tell you, I am just Shy. And obviously my companion was and is not, plus her behavior had finally gotten to our escort as he grunted,"Alright young Lady shows over, Get the bag and let's go In my Office", He finished showing us into the door. Sammy Jo found it all entertaining and since she was the star she made her farewells Hollywood like,"Alright Boys, You Heard The Man-Shows over, I'll see each and every single one of you Later", all Marilyn Monroe and Silver Screenish, Blowing a kiss to her perverted and aroused fans. We Walked into the door ushered in, By our library security and a howl of "AWES" from the eager teens out side. The guards office showed signs that he did not work within alone, only there were four other desk yet no one was here, except Sammy Jo, Himself, and Me-besides the hormones creeping within beneath the door-from outside. One of the four desk was occupied by a female Officer as I could tell from her name plank, I made out as we were seated. I was hoping she would come back soon, This guy as professional as he appeared on the way-a lot of that public safety aura seemed to shed as the door closed. My mind could tell he was soon to began playing right into the Lusty hands of Sammy Jo, Then the spirited life changing event all Began. "Alright Girls you may wonder why you were pulled from the floor." He started and immediately I notice we went from Ladies to girls, MME. " We have a policy here, that does not allow the computers to be utilized for any pornographic usage". He Contiued,"And you do understand that the site you were viewing is definitely considered pornography." Of Course Sammy Jo laughed, yet I was getting more and more uncomfortable. From what, I couldn't tell there was too much stimulation and even repulse going on. "This may be serious girls, if you are under the age of eighteen." And then he commanded not requested, "Let Me see your I.D., if you have those on you". I for a moment felt relieved I had that mugg shot on my person, I went in my bag and casually passed it over. Sammy Jo had to make another go of this, and she propped her heels up on the edge of the desk, and then place her middle digit on her exposed cotton panty crouch stating with tongs in cheek, literally..."Let's See, I think I left my I.D. somewhere, somewhere like Here". She reached into her panties with the finger she had wetted and meaningless twiddled her twat-with her knuckles buckling and signing pleasurable probing beneath the cotton-black-on-white dot-to-dot. I turned my head at first in complete shock, yet she seemed to be there for a long time and I wanted within some part of me to enjoy the show as well as the guard who made no protest. By Time I looked back, I notice she really was producing her I.D. from her crouch. Wet And glistening, I am not sure where she had it stored or for how long, I leave that all to imagination. "Ahh, Here We Go, And Here It Is-I hope it Is Valid." she fizzled, tossing the I.D. Soaking across to the buzzing catcher, as she slithered right back into her masturbation session undaunted. I should have known something perverse of the most darkside kind was unfolding, and I don't think at the time or even now I had any real reluctance. "Let Me See" the security vulgarly replied, sniffing her vulvous waft from the card and as if he could taste how old she was he responded without a glance,"Yeah, That Will Do definitely over 18, from My experience" he then stated off her birthday from memory seemingly "December 20, 1987, Barely Legal!" and then he turned his deviant stare my way,"Your a very Young one Just turned 18 two months ago." Now he had seen my I.D., yet how did he know her birthday without looking? What was going on? More Importantly what was about to happen? Sammy Jo had made way off with her polka dotted cotton security and was on her way to swelling her clit to orgasm. I myself, though very wet, was wishing in a small part of myself, that one of the officers would return. Hoping that they would save me from a no return to my quiet adulterate yet safe fantasy world and on to the all out animalistic hedon that appeared emanant-That is when the Door open I turned and it appeared My Prayers had been answered...There was Officer Bobbie Coxx, as the feminine spelling had clued, the female Officer had returned, "What do we have Hear, more Internet Perverts," She began and then she smiled "what should we do with all of them?", Then I noticed coming in with her were all the boys, cocks swollen and lubed, they must have past the I.D. Test as well...(to be continued)


Jokes: Protection

From the ArcaMax Publishing, Jokes Newsletter:


A female truck driver decided to buy herself a big dog for protection while she was on the road. She went to the local animal shelter and asked about one particularly large and fierce looking dog and the attendant told her, "He doesn't like men."
"He doesn't like men."
Perfect, she thought, and so she bought him. Later that week, she was in a dark parking lot and two big, rough looking men started walking toward her. Sure enough, as the attendant at the animal shelter had told her, the dog didn't like men. He promptly ran and cowered under the nearest car.

This news arrived on: 12/28/2005
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